Minor in Political Science

Prerequisite Course:  POLS 101 Introduction to Political Science (3 credits/6 ECTS)

Total Number of Courses:  3 required courses (9 credits, 20 ECTS) + 3 elective courses (9 credits/15-18 ECTS)


Required Courses:  3 required courses (9 credits/20 ECTS)

POLS 217 Diplomatic History (3 credits/6 ECTS)

POLS 242 Introduction to International Relations (3 credits/6 ECTS)

POLS 441 Foreign Policy (3 credits/8 ECTS)


Elective Courses: 3 elective courses (9 credits/15-18 ECTS)

These are selected from (two 300 and one 400 level) offered POLS coded elective courses listed in the undergraduate catalog of the Department with at least one non-IR elective course, subject to the approval of the minor degree advisor.