Political Science and International Relations | Summer Research Program 2020

Summer Research Program aims to foster students’ research skills through participating in research projects of faculty members. 


The program is not part of the regular summer school of Boğaziçi University and there will be no grade or credit gained by participating in this program. Enrolment is free. The students are responsible for their own accommodation, transportation expenses and health insurance. The dates indicated below may be flexible and you may arrange both the location of work and timing with the Project Coordinator.


This year, the research projects will be carried out online unless indicated otherwise. Please contact the Project Coordinator for meeting format, venue and schedule.


To Apply: Please email a cv and a cover letter indicating your motivation to participate in the particular project to the Project coordinator (emails provided for each project).


Deadline: Friday, June 12th, 2020


You can apply to a maximum of two projects and can participate only in one project at a time. If offered a place in both, please select one and inform the coordinators of your decision. 


For further questions about the program or application procedure, you can contact Prof. Selcan Kaynak (selcan.kaynak@boun.edu.tr). For specific questions about the projects, please contact the Project Coordinator. 


Project information


Project 1


Project Title: Turkish elites

Project Description: This project examines the socioeconomic background of MPs and ministers from 1908 to 1980.

Faculty Member: Basak TARAKTAS (basak.taraktas@boun.edu.tr)

Requirements: a minimum of 2.75 GPA

Job Description: ability to carry out research from the Internet and academic sources and data entry

Dates: 01.07.2020-15.09.2020

Number of Researchers: 3





Project 2


Project Title: Polarization on the social media: A deep learning study of political polarization along race and gender.

Project Description: This project studies whether debates on social media triggers polarization or dialogue using the cases of the black lives matter and MeToo movements.

Faculty Member: Basak TARAKTAS (basak.taraktas@boun.edu.tr)

Requirements: a good command of the R or Python languages

Job Description: ability to code in R or Python to assist the researcher with data cleaning

Dates: 01.07.2020-15.10.2020

Number of Researchers: 3


Project 3


Project Title: Populist leaders and the challenge of Covid 19

Project Description: This project compares crisis management tactics of Trump, Johnson, and Modi using Twitter data.

Faculty Member: Basak TARAKTAS (basak.taraktas@boun.edu.tr)

Requirements: a minimum of 2.75 GPA

Job Description: ability to carry out academic literature review and web-based research

Dates: 20.06.2020-15.09.2020

Number of Researchers: 3


Project 4


Project Title: Exploring collective anxieties about the pandemic.

Project Description: This project will examine information and commentary posted in the social media in order to expose widely held beliefs and anxieties about the pandemic in Turkey.

Faculty member: Selcan Kaynak (selcan.kaynak@boun.edu.tr)

Requirements: Pols majors, 3rd year and above will be accepted. Min. GPA 3.00

Job Description: Literature and media review, preparing extended bibliographies.

Dates: 22.06.2020 - 06.09.2020

Number of researchers: 2


Project ​5​


Project Title: A study of left-wing populism: The case of Turkey

Project Description: This research examines the main opposition party CHP’s electoral campaign in 2019 Istanbul municipal elections as a case of left-wing populism.

Faculty Member: Gaye Ilhan Demiryol (gaye.ilhan@boun.edu.tr)

Requirements: a minimum 3.00 GPA, POLISCI majors and double majors

Job Description: Literature review, preparing bibliographies, tracking down, locating, and compiling politicians’ media appearances, speeches, campaign events and activities.

Dates: 15.06.2020 – 20.09.2020

Number of Researchers: 2


Project 6


Project Title: Protest Events during Authoritarian Transformation (2007-2019)
Project Description: This project seeks to construct a data set of all protest events in Turkey that were reported in selected newspapers from 2007 to 2019.

Faculty Member: Mert Arslanalp (mert.arslanalp@boun.edu.tr)
Requirements: 3rd year or above; a minimum of 2.75 GPA
Job Description: Collecting and coding protest data from the online 
archives of a newspaper (no special computers skills necessary)
Dates: 01.07.2020- 15.10.2020
Number of Researchers: 5


Project 7


Project Title: Turkish media: viewership and ownership structure
Project Description: This project examines the changes in Turkish TV  channels' audience composition and political attitudes in time
Faculty Member: Alper Yağcı (alper.yagci@boun.edu.tr)
Requirements: 3rd year or above, a minimum of 3.00 GPA
Job Description: Data entry on Excel and various miscellaneous tasks
Dates: 015.06.2020-15.09.2020
Number of Researchers: 2


Project 8


Project Title: Presidential systems and democracy
Project Description: This project explores the differential democratic backslide rates of presidential versus parliamentary regimes worldwide
Faculty Member: Alper Yağcı (alper.yagci@boun.edu.tr)
Requirements: Third year or above, fluency in written French preferred, 
GPA above 2.75
Job Description: Literature search, review and data coding
Dates: 15.06.2020-15.09.2020
Number of Researchers: 2


Project 9


Project Title: Eradicating Poverty: Sub Saharan Africa Case Studies
Faculty Member: Zeynep Kadirbeyoglu (zeynep.kadirbeyoglu@boun.edu.tr)
Requirements: No requirements
Job Description: Carrying out web-based research on particular cases and doing a search of the scholarly literature on anti-poverty schemes and cases from Sub Saharan Africa. 

Dates: 25.06.2020- 15.10.2020
Number of Researchers: 10