Graduate Courses

POLS 509 Problems of Transition to Democracy Credits 3

Study of factors that shape transitions from authoritarian to democratic regime, with emphasis on institution building in comparative multiparty regimes

POLS 511 Public Policy Analysis Credits 3

Examination of models of public policy making within an analytical framework. The process of policy formation, policy outputs, and the consequences of public policies. 

POLS 535 Contemporary Issues in Middle Eastern Politics Credits 3

Study of the politics surrounding topical issues in the Middle East

POLS 536 Literary Texts and Politics Credits 3

Seminar on selected works of literature examined in terms of social and political change. 

POLS 544 Politics of Advanced Industrial States Credits 3

Comparative analysis of political change and economic transformation in modern industrial states with special reference to domestic structures and institutions. 

POLS 545 Contemporary Issues in European Politics Credits 3

Detailed study of topical issues and problems in European politics. 

POLS 547 Economic and Social Change in the Middle East Credits 3

Examination of changing social structures and the problems of identity and legitimacy in the Middle East. Cultural, ethnic, religious and class division. The legacy of imperialism.

POLS 555 Political Sociology Credits 3

Survey of political forms, tribal groups, patrimonial and feudal systems and the formation of the modern nation-state.

POLS 594 Research and Reading in Comparative Politics Credits 3

Individual research projects and/or critical readings.

POLS 595 Research & Reading In Comparative Politics Credits 3

Individual research projects, and/or critical readings

POLS 634 Contemporary Issues in Gender and Politics Credits 3

Theoretical controversies and empirical developments in the study of gender and politics. 

POLS 642 Politics and Ideology in the Middle East Credits 3

Thematic study of politics and ideologies in the contemporary Middle East with emphasis on selected countries.