Graduate Courses

POLS 553 Foundation of Political and Social Theory Credits 3

Analysis of basic approaches to theory-building such as empiricism, phenomenology, structuralism ad critical theory. 

POLS 557 Political Liberalism Credits 3

Origins and development of liberalism and democracy. Liberal thought and practice in selected countries. 

POLS 652 Politics and Ideology Credits 3

Discussion of theoretical issues raised by the concept of ideology as legitimization and ideology as a cultural system. 

POLS 658 Democratic Theory Credits 3

The study of classical democratic theory and its critics. Evolution of democratic theory. Interaction between the theory and practice of democracy. Emphasis will be on the theoretical foundations and the functioning of the democratic system. 

POLS 680 Selected Topics in the History of Political Though Credits 3

A detailed analysis of selected issues in political and social theory. The content of the course is jointly arranged by the instructor and the students.